We are a group of competent Malaysian in the drilling and evaluation domain who takes up the challenge to form up The First Fully Self Operated Malaysian’s Directional Drilling and Measurement While Drilling Company. We directly tied up with the world’s leading DD MWD manufacturer and do not rely on to any DD MWD Service Companies or competitors to drive this company.

EFTECH Drilling Solutions Sdn Bhd (EDS), company No 1151083-U is a 100% Malaysian Company whose roots were formed in a riposte of Malaysian Economic Transformation Plan, venturing into Directional Drilling, Measurement While Drilling & Logging While Drilling services and technology. EDS is a Group of Companies of Efficient Technology Sdn Bhd, a leader of integrated services of Nitrogen/Helium Leak Testing, Flange Management System and Hydraulic Bolting to the Oil & Gas Industries, having a corporate offices and full-geared facilities in Johor Bahru, Malaysia and Perth, Australia.

Malaysia is never short of the quality and qualified people in drilling and upstream activities, our aspirations is to gather the best in class Malaysian to be working under one umbrella, EFTECH Drilling Solutions Sdn Bhd. Our belief is that our local Malaysians are uniquely qualified in the dynamic to promote diverse business opportunities available in Malaysia and Asia Pacific. Our Drilling Team members have vast experience in providing the directional drilling services to the E&P companies internationally at their exploration and development fields. The combined experience of management team is over 100 years.

We are unique and competent in our domain:

  • A Fully Malaysian Self Operated DD MWD Company and the only local company owned a Full Petronas License for DD MWD Category
  • Not depending to any DD MWD Service Providers
  • Not relying on to any competitors of DD MWD
  • The Founders and Directors are the cream of the crop of DD, MWD, LWD, Well Planning & Drilling Optimization Domain
  • EDS identified and lined up the best in class Malaysian in Technical, Operations, QAQC, Maintenance and Management
  • EDS tied up a direct partnership with reputable DD MWD Manufacturers


  • Nurturing local talents and position them as the world’s best especially in Directional Drilling and Measurement While Drilling domain
  • Malaysian’s First Directional Drilling and Measurement While Drilling self-operated company where previously has been dominating by the international players
  • Towards reimagining and rationalizing cost competitiveness by providing cost effective solutions yet superior performance to Petronas and other oil companies especially in Low Tier wells
  • Alignment with PETRONAS and Malaysian government plan and policy
  • Venturing into high technology oil & gas business
  • To enhance research and development capability


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