Total Manhours Without LTI (To Date)

Nothing is more important to Eftech than safety; from our people, customers and the communities in which we work, to the integrity of the assets and facilities we assist in building and maintaining. Our employees believe in and live by our Company values, we are a culturally diverse Company due to the international nature of our operations and customer base.

As a Service Company working in the oil and gas industry, we often operate in difficult and often hostile environments, our key principles ensure the safety of our people are always put first. It's our aim to eliminate accidents and injuries in all aspects of our business through applying our HSE Golden Rules.

EFTECH believes that each part of us must give HSE issues the same amount of attention, effort and importance that is placed on production, service, quality, cost and morale. While priorities shift based upon the needs of the business, core values do not change. This is consistent with our approach that safety is our number on ethic and will not be compromised.

EFTECH has clearly defined and well communicated HSE policies to the international standards. Implementation of the highest international HSE Standards is at the core of EDS undertaking. By strictly enforcing corporate HSE policies covering topics such as Health, PPE, Driving, Physical Activity, Pollution Prevention, Quality Control and Assurance, EFTECH Employees, at all levels work in an active culture of HSE and Quality. All personnel are trained and certified in General HSE awareness courses, Field specific HSE training courses, defensive driving and injury prevention course.


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