We look to our leadership team to guide us in our purpose, principles, values and commitments that make up our strategy.

EFTECH International Sdn Bhd

Jaafar Mohd Tahir, General Manager
Adabi Bin Abu Bakar, Financial Controller
Shah Sheikh, Business Development Manager
Mohd Aidil Rifen, Project Manager Operations - Leak Testing
Suri Sarib, Procurement & Purchasing Manager
M. Khairil M. Khalid, Project Manager Operations - Bolting
Ervina Sheikh, PA & Business Analyst Manager
Nur'Adiba Mohd Akil, Head of Accountant

EFTECH International

Paul Sewell, General Manager, Australia
Mark Duncan, Operations Manager
David Towler, General Manager, Asia Pacific

EFTECH Drilling Solutions

Farah Farhana, Technical & Operation Manager, Lean & Base Manager, KSB Operation


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