MWD SureSHOT - Mud Pulse Telemetry

MWD Sureshot provides highly accurate directional surveys, gamma ray, for all applications from straight-hole through horizontal drilling. It also provides rapid and accurate toolface transmission enables the most complex well paths to be drilled with confidence.
Our Rotary Pulser* is the toughest, most advanced, most LCM-tolerant mud pulse transmitter in the industry with MTBF more than 6000hrs. The system can be powered by battery modules or turbine alternator, or a combination of the two.

MWD SureShot - Electromagnetic (EM) Telemetry

EFTECH Drilling Solutions also offer MWD SureShot with Electromagnetic Telemetry. Benefits include time saved by transmitting surveys during a connection, high data rates and the ability to operate in conditions where mud pulse telemetry cannot. Application includes High ROP drilling with frequent surveys, High data density LWD and drilling optimization applications, Underbalanced drilling, Foam and air drilling, Extreme lost circulation conditions.

Vibration Memory Modules (VMM)

The VMM Sensor measures, analyzes, records and enables RT transmission of axial (bit bounce), lateral, torsional, shocks. VMM allows users to assess the severity of downhole drilling to improve drilling efficiency and alert them to vibration conditions that could damage MWD and other downhole tools.


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