Vision Influence our people to act in alignment with performance and Excellence in Execution objectives. Create the operational framework for standards to take root and tools to be developed to deliver an outstanding service quality. Establish superior quality and efficiency level through standard compliance & Lean implementation. Create value for our customers and become their trusted advisor.
  • Commitment and leadership
  • Standards ownership & accountability by individuals
  • Training awareness campaign
  • Competency Review & Matrix
  • Reward Program
  • Towards proactive & generative culture
  • Seeing our daily work as a process
  • Establish a Quality Control Process ownership
  • Strengthen standard compliance among employees
  • SQ KPI and Review
  • OST/IST for all in/out coming equipment
  • Leveraging lean and maintenance focus to increase reliability
  • Maintenance Leadership Program
  • Continuous improvement on reliability & maintenance program
  • Getting in front of our customer
  • Increase face time
  • Understand customer short & long term plans
  • Fulfill customer needs
  • Customer concerns monthly review
  • Cost effective solutions


With a team rich in experience gained by working with the leading oilfield service providers around the world; the company is aiming not only to exceed what is being provided by the current players in the region today but also bringing industry best practices and lessons learnt for the benefit of the region. EDS is aiming to provide services exceeding the level provided by the current players in the region through cost effective solutions. Below are the 6 elements that EDS strives to achieve excellence in its service delivery:

1. Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSE & Q):

EDS believes that each part of us must give HSE issues the same amount of attention, effort and importance that is placed on production, service, quality, cost and morale. While priorities shift based upon the needs of the business, core values do not change. This is consistent with our approach that safety is our number on ethic and will not be compromised. EDS has clearly defined and well communicated HSE & Q policies to the international standards. Implementation of the highest international HSE Standards is at the core of EDS undertaking. By strictly enforcing corporate HSE policies covering topics such as Health, PPE, Driving, Physical Activity, Pollution Prevention, Quality Control and Assurance, EDS Employees, at all levels work in an active culture of HSE and Quality. All personnel are trained and certified in General HSE awareness courses, Field specific HSE training courses, defensive driving and injury prevention course.

2. Equipment Reliability & Superior Performance:

Equipment reliability is undisputedly critical elements for our clients as well as for our business. This is the core value and always be our top priority to ensure our customer receives the best Service Quality. EDS’s excellent equipment reliability can help to avoid costly NPT due to tripping as a result of downhole equipment failures. Our SureSHOT™ MWD Systems, WPR™ Resistivity LWD and Vector™ & PowerPlus™ High Performance Motors are not just high reliability but also superior operational performance with some unbeatable operating records. EDS has also acquired the latest technology of Rotary Steerable Motor (RSM) for undisputed performance. To ensure our customer will receive the top notch reliable tools, EDS has outlined 3 principles:

• Reputable Technical Partner and World’s Leading Manufacturer

EDS has established a Memorandum of Agreement with our reputable Technical Partner and leading manufacturers in the world.

• Competent Local Maintenance Team

Most of downhole tool failures are contributed by the human error, mainly due to lack of competencies. EDS Maintenance Team is fully competent and experience.

• Good Maintenance Processes

EDS establishes a proactive maintenance approach, maintenance work processes and Maintenance Tracking system to ensure our equipment is always in top condition.

3. Economical Solutions – Fit To Purpose Applications:

With our people vast experiences in DD and MWD, it is important to advise our clients to use fit to purpose technology on their well. EDS strongly believes that drilling efficiencies can be improved in multiples magnitude with proper well planning and choosing the “fit-for-purpose” equipment. Therefore, it is paramount to understand between must to have and good to have. The right application at the right place will eventually help the client to minimize the cost. Our principle towards cost effective solutions is inline with Petronas’s CORAL 2.0 aspiration and mission.

4. Technical Support Structure:

Technical support is an important aspect of directional drilling services. EFTECH Drilling Solutions Sdn Bhd enjoys and 24x7 technical support from its technology partners around the world. The support centres are located in United States (Houston), Dubai UAE (Jebal Ali), China (Chengdu), Australia (Perth), Singapore and United Kingdom (London). EDS works closely with its partners to share the knowledge lessons learnt for continuous improvement.

5. In-Country Support & Experience – Commitment to Deliver the Best:

Our people is the KEY. Their expertise and experience of providing oilfield services in the country brings invaluable benefits to operations. In conjunction with the global technical supports and knowledge sharing, EDS is able to bring worldwide experience and best practices to the local operations. To further demonstrate our commitment in the country, EDS will operate our fully operational self-sufficient EDS Base Facility. By having this fully equipped technical support base dedicated to the Malaysia operations, Oil and Gas industry in Malaysia will further enjoy the efficiency gains and cost savings as equipment mobilization and supports are conveniently available within the country.

6. Technology – The Ultimate Solution to Drilling Challenges:

Being in Directional Drilling and Measurement While Drilling business, it is paramount to offer our customer with the leading DD/MWD technology. EDS is providing one of the most robust and reliable Measurements While Drilling tool, SureSHOT™ with an average MTBF of over 6500 Hrs. On LWD side EDS is providing GR and Wave Propagation Resistivity, WPR™ services with multiple depth of investigation resistivity, gamma ray lithology and annulus pressure while drilling (APWD) for ECD management. EDS Drilling Motors (Vector & PowerPlus™) are offered for both Performance Drilling and Directional Drilling services to improve the penetration rates in both cases and thereby increasing drilling efficiency.


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