The removal of construction debris and loose mill scale from LNG piping systems is critical for proper operation. Systems placed into service without a thorough cleaning will soon be plagued with clogged intake screens, control valve trims or instruments and other costly problems. Eftech provides a complete range of Air Blowing services, using multi-disciplined teams and bespoke equipment packages.

Eftech’s trailer mounted air blowing package is designed by Eftech to meet client specific needs. The 45ft drop deck extendable trailer (up to 55ft) contains a 1150scfm skid mounted after cooled oil free air compressor. Air is fed into the desiccant air dryer / filter package which operates at a pressure of 348 psi (24 bar) and conditions the air to -40degC. The pressure vessel has a total volume of 25,000 liters at 10barg. The package operates using a single PLC control system, including pneumatically operated control valves and flowmeter.


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