We have a rich heritage providing integrated services during exploration, drilling, construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning and production. Today, we are the leading provider of integrated services to the energy industry throughout Asia Pacific, Australia and the UK. With over 800 projects successfully completed, we are continuing to develop our capability further, and where appropriate, we have created strategic alliances to enable us to achieve our growth targets. We have a proven track record of integrating aspects of our service offering, deploying our own assets and personnel to create value to our customers.

Our Proud History

Our legacy dates back 15 years, here’s a snapshot of some key moments that mark major achievements in our growth since our formation in 2001.

Launch new service line, EFTECH Drilling Services as Malaysia’s First Directional Drilling & Measurement While Drilling Company

Australia becomes a big focus, we mark our first anniversary with an investment of AUD$5m in a new facility in Perth, WA

Our geographic footprint expands to Australia, we establish Eftech International Pty Ltd and secure our first major LNG services contract

Eftech International is established, a new board of directors is formed and we incorporate our first entity in Singapore to deliver our capability to the broader Asia Pacific region

Appointed as sole distributer of Hydratight’s products and services in Malaysia

Approved by Petronas under the vendor development program for the provision of bolted joint integrity and nitrogen helium leak testing services

Signed partnering agreement with BJ Process and Pipeline Services for the transfer of nitrogen helium leak testing technology to the Malaysian oil and gas market

Signed partnering agreement with Hedley Purvis for the transfer of bolted joint integrity technology to the Malaysian oil and gas market

EFTECH International Sdn Bhd is founded in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The strategy was to provide mechanical services to the Malaysian energy markets


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