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TeQ Shield™Digital safety and productivity solutions for the connected worker

Who We Are

Established in 1987

21 offices around the globe

Customers include some of the world’s largest IOC’s, NOC’s

Brought over 142 innovations into the market

Recognized as Thought Leaders in the safety industry

3 lines of business: Upstream, Industrial, OSIMS

18 Technical Operation Centers across the globe

United Safety Digital Umbrella – TeQ Shield

TeQ Shield™ Robotics TeQ Shield™ AI TeQ Shield™ Connected Worker Teq Shield™ Hub TeQ Shield™ Guardian

TeQ Shield™ GuardianRemote Confined Space Monitoring System.

Conventional Safety Watch

Physical manning for CSE

Visual validation before CSE

Manual – paper-based entry logs

TeQ Shield Guardian Value Added Features

Real time visibility and communication

  • Allowing faster decision making
  • Identifying violations and effecting corrective actions
  • Real time continuous gas detection

Emergency Situations

  • Life saving ability to get the real picture to the rescuers much faster

Daily reports and Historical Data

  • Making informed decisions faster.
  • Bookmarked events for lessons learned / safety investigations / liability traceability.
  • Planning enhancement based on historical digital data.

Real time Head count and Manhour reduction

  • Real time headcount
  • Reduction manhours reduces the risk of liability

Solution Value Add

  • Know your exact mustering count and those left behind.
  • Keep track of all your onsite workers effectively.
  • Define High Risk Zones on site and identify headcount in those zones.
  • Journey management: Know exactly when personnel left site to comp – vise versa
  • Rotation management – Know how long personnel have been on rotation days on/off.
  • Training records management: Records Management (Certification & Expiry, Data Base) of personnel.

TeQ Shield™ Connected Worker - System OverviewTeQ Shield™ Tracker

Provides specialized digital solutions like TeQ Shield™ Tracker for the connected worker.

Analytics and Reporting

Key benefits for Detailed Reporting and Visual Analytics:

  • Improved decision making
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Better planning
  • Mitigating risk
  • Fully customizable reporting packages
  • Data can be exported for further analytics and can be broken down by contractor, shift, experience or any identifiable criteria for the work force

Key benefits:

  • Tracking of all personnel whereabouts – Drilling location / Camp / Off Rotation.
  • Zone Accuracy and accountability of Personnel.
  • Scalable infrastructure, cost effective and flexible installation methods (Temporary & Permanent)
  • Tracking of different zones or critical areas.
  • IS & Non-IS offering.
  • Integrated with various mobile devices via web interface for field/remote management.
  • Can be utilized to track worker productivity and timekeeping.
  • Asset tracking can be integrated to monitor usage of equipment or power levels.
  • Robust report generation tool for customized reporting.
  • Ability to integrate additional tracking of certification validity and alarming of expiration dates.