Well Intervention & Production Efficiency

Eftech offers world class well intervention solutions and services. We provide our clients with top-notch products to deliver an integral solution for well integrity, well abandonment as well as remedial operations on producing wells, towards restoring or increasing well production.

A slickline innovation, unlike any other, we bring you Paradigm EU’s Slick-E-Line and Slick-O-Line.

The Slick-E-Line® System combines the versatility and efficiency of slickline with real-time data capabilities of electric line. This world-class technology is bridging the gap between cased-hole electric line and slickline services and supports all parties with immediate decision making for your well intervention challenges.

Paradigm’s Slick-O-Line, an intervention system that continuously monitors temperature and acoustic responses over the entire well length. Slick-O-Line offers a combined Distributed Acoustic (DAS), Distributed Temperature (DTS) and memory GR/ CCL/ Pressure/ Temperature data gathering.


    • Smooth precision Coated Cable
    • Bi-directional Communication
    • Versatile Operations
    • Lowest friction
    • Bi-directional Communication
    • Versatile Operations


    • Continuously monitors temperature and acoustic responses over the entire well length
    • Combined Distributed Acoustic (DAS), Distributed Temperature (DTS) and memory GR/CCL/Pressure/Temperature data gathering
  • Slick-O-Line® is suited, but not limited to the following applications:


  • Production Profiling
  • Injection Profiling
  • Warm Back Survey
  • Crossflow Identification
  • Water Breakthrough Identification
  • Gas Breakthrough Identification
  • Sand Production

Well Integrity / Well Abandonment

  • Tubing to Annulus Leak Identification
  • A, B and C Annuli Leak Identification
  • Packer / ASV Leak Identification
  • Casing Shoe Integrity Survey
  • Flow Behind Casing Identification
  • Crossflow Identification