Downhole Tools​

Our directional drilling services ensure precise wellbore placement with faster ROP in all applications: from land and shallow-water environments to extended-reach and deepwater drilling.

EFTECH Energy Solutions (formerly known as Eftech Drilling Solutions) also provides MLWD services that give high resolution measurements that optimize reservoir mapping, formation evaluation and geo steering decisions.


Directional drilling is the science and art of deviating a wellbore along a planned course from a starting location to a target location, both defined with a given coordinate system. Drilling a directional well basically involves drilling a hole from one point in space (the surface location) to another point in space (the target) in such a way that the hole can then be used for its intended purpose. A typical directional well starts off with a vertical hole, then kicks off so that the bottom hole location may end up hundreds or thousands of feet or meters away from its starting.

Either you drill the well with Drilling Motor or Rotary Steerable System, EFTECH Energy Solutions (formerly known as Eftech Drilling Solutions) provide uncompromising quality and performance of Drilling Motor (PowerPLUS)

Drilling Motor Data Sheet


MWD SureSHOT – Mud Pulse Telemetry
MWD Sureshot provides highly accurate directional surveys, gamma ray, for all applications from straight-hole through horizontal drilling.

MWD SureShot – Electromagnetic (EM) Telemetry

  • Time saved by transmitting surveys during a connection
  • High data rates and the ability to operate in conditions where mud pulse telemetry cannot.


  • High ROP drilling with frequent surveys
  • High data density LWD and drilling optimization applications
  • Underbalanced drilling
  • Foam and air drilling
  • Extreme lost circulation conditions.

Vibration Memory Modules (VMM)

  • The VMM Sensor measures, analyzes, records and enables RT transmission of axial (bit bounce), lateral, torsional, shocks.
  • Able to assess the severity of downhole drilling to
  • Improve drilling efficiency and alert them to vibration conditions that could damage MWD and other downhole tools.
SureShotTM Surface Systems & Components Data Sheet


EFTECH Energy Solutions (formerly known as Eftech Drilling Solutions) LWD systems offer superior formation evaluation data to maximize reservoir value while drilling. Our LWD tools deliver wireline quality petrophysical data and address directional drilling and formation evaluation applications. Our tools will help you gather reservoir information, enhance drilling performance and optimize well placement.

SureShotTM MWD Pressure While Drilling Sensor Data Sheet



  • Tools and radioactive sources safely located inside LWT collar during deployment & logging
  • Radioactive sources and the LWT tools are fully retrievable
  • Full well control including pipe rotation and circulation during entire operation


  • Significant rig time savings over wireline, pipe conveyed, or shuttle logging – Save 2 rig days, $0.6M)
  • Considerably more economic than LWD
  • Less LIH BHA Cost – Tools are fully retrievable at any time unlike the LWD tools, saving $0.5M


  • Allows logging of horizontal and hostile holes
  • No extra pipe trip to change BHA for LWT operations
  • No hole conditioning required
  • Compact equipment and small crew
  • More than 600 over jobs worldwide


  • Memory based, battery powered instruments; no wireline required
  • Logs acquired through LWT collars during normal pipe trip


Services for the Drilling Optimization Industry

Drilling enhancement is about saving money, getting the job done and using the correct tools to reduce torque, increase weight on bit and to enlarge holes. It’s all about safety and efficiency; provided to you by Paradigm Drilling Services.

Optimized Solutions

  • Torque Reduction
  • Vibration Reduction
  • Hole Opening
  • Cuttings Management